Dr. Michelle Braun

Great brain health is foundational to success and fulfillment in all aspects of life. As a Yale- and Harvard- trained, Board-Certified Neuropsychologist, I want you to experience the benefits of a High Octane Brain, including better memory and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s.

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More about Dr. Braun’s work

Gary B. Kaplan, MD

Director, Mental Health Service
VA Boston Healthcare System

Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
Boston University School of Medicine

Lecturer on Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School

“An extraordinary psychologist and healthcare leader”

“Dr. Michelle Braun is an extraordinary psychologist and healthcare leader who I had the pleasure to work with in her roles at the VA Boston Healthcare System. She is a talented and well-trained neuropsychologist who had a large and positive impact on our patients. Dr. Braun is an extremely thoughtful and articulate individual with an extraordinary ability to effectively communicate with individuals and groups. She is an extremely compassionate, mature and likeable person who was well appreciated by patients and staff. Because of her many skills and abilities to solve significant healthcare challenges in a complex system, she was quickly advanced to a leadership role in our healthcare system. I believe that her focus on empowering individuals to enhance memory and brain health will be invaluable to clients in many settings.”

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