How to enhance your memory and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s

Dr. Michelle Braun is an experienced, educational, and engaging speaker and has given countless lectures on brain boosting strategies, dementia prevention, and the science behind brain health. Dr. Braun is an expert in neuropsychology, brain health, and degenerative brain disorders and has lectured to audiences of all sizes around the country. Her presentations add value for any audience from senior groups to medical students to corporate events.

Dr. Braun was featured in PBS’s live “Boost Your Brain” special in 2013 and has presented “Boost Your Brain” talks for community members for the past decade. Each time she presents on this topic, there is an abundance of audience feedback seeking to learn more on the subject and dissipate common misconceptions and myths about brain health.

Do you have an upcoming event or conference that could benefit from an informative and interactive presenter? Dr. Braun is available to speak on a wide range of topics, and all presentations can and will be tailored to your audience’s specific interests and needs.

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